7 IMPORTANT travel tips for women executives

1.Sleep well Dark circles under your eyes aren`t good for business. So carry eye masks and earplugs.. Get a comfortable inflatable pillow to sleep soundly on planes.

2.Carry snacks Airline food and timing can be far from suitable sometimes! If your flight is delayed or has mechanical problems, you may spend hours on the runway or circling in the air while your stomach is screaming. Carry a nutritious snack and an apple in your bag.

3.Wake up early Pack an inexpensive alarm clock. If you carry a pager or mobile , find out if it has an alarm function and learn how to use it. Hotel wake-up services may not always be reliable.

4.Pack light If you need to be dressed in business attire for a meeting the same day you travel, wear it on the plane. Choose wrinkle free material for travel suits, dresses or sarees. Always assume your luggage may be lost and be prepared. Keep one set in your hand baggage. Pack the minimum you think you can manage on. You can wear the same mix-and-match outfits day after day.

5.Take dark clothes They don`t show stains, wrinkles or dirt, and work for most situations.

6.Cut down on shoes Wear the shoes you`ll need for business and pack one pair of trainers for walking, jogging or informal occasions.

7.Shop - it`s okay! Spend some money on yourself.

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